Product Name : Balem Valve (BALEM 411)
  Valve Types : Level Control Valve
  Valve Category : Level Control Valve
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Simple design combined ball valve with float.
Operates mechanically without external power source.
Spherical disc with hole controls liquid level perfectly.
Durable, trouble free and easy installation.
Perfect shutoff at high pressure.
Valve body is available in stainless steel or nickel plated brass.
  Balem Valve (Balem 411) is designed to control liquid level in a reservoir by the float buoyancy and dead weight(gravity). The valve does not require any external power source but controls the water level perfectly.
This valve guarantees perfect shut-off even at high pressure. Anti-corrosive and thermal resistant material ensures durable and trouble free operation. Installation and maintenance is simple and easy.
Underground / roof top water reservoir level control valve.
Substitution for High and Low level control electrodes in water reservoir.
Various types of oil tank float control valves.
BALEM Valve [BALEM 411]
Model No. 411-015 411-020 411-025 411-032 411-040 411-050
4F 2F / 4F 4F
2F : Brass Body & Cap(Nickel Plated) / 4F : All Stainless Steel
Size 15A(1/2") 20A(3/4") 25A(1") 32A(11/4") 40A(11/2") 50A(2")
Operating Pressure 0.98 MPa (10kgf/㎠)
End Connections Female threaded : KSPT(Standard) / NPT(Optional)
Temperature : 0°C ~ 80°C

SIZE(mm) 2F 4F H1 H2 H3 L D(ø)
15A × 49 215 170min. 350 113
20A 59 240 200min. 510 113
25A 75 260 360min. 630 124
32A 85 310 460min. 760 145
40A × 89 330 550min. 880 176
50A × 110 420 670min. 995 208


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No. Component Material Options
2F 4F
1 Body Brass SSC13
2 Cap Brass SSC13
3 Ball Brass STS304
4 Seat Ring P.T.F.E
5 Stem1 Brass STS304
6 Stem2 Brass STS304
7 Nut Brass STS304
8 O-Ring N.B.R
9 Lever STS304 STS304
10 Floating Ball STS304 STS304
11 Bolt STS304 STS304
12 Spring Washer STS304 STS304
13 Nut STS304 STS304
14 O-Ring N.B.R
15 Flow Induction Line P.V.C
Refer to the standard piping diagram when installing the valve.
Install the valve near to the manhole for easy maintenance.
Prior to installing the valve, flush the pipe line to clean inside.
It is recommended to install an alarm system in the monitoring room to detect an unexpected overflow caused by any other reason except our valve.
To prevent waves while filling the water tank, a flow induction pipe with syphon braking hole should be installed.
The valve should be installed vertically on the main pipe line, and the length of flow induction pipe should be longer than H3 suggested in the above table.

 Principle of Operation (Animation)

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